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Our products are made and infused with natural ingredients and developed to nourish, hydrate and revitalize your skin!

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Our BALM enhances overall performance by creating thermogenic action, which generates energy in the area where the balm is applied...

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Our LOTION is designed with a blend of unique moisture-enriched ingredients to moisturize dry skin, prevent cracked heels and more...

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Foot, Body Lotion and Balm

After a hard day’s work or workout, your body deserves the best!  Happy Feet and Body Formula TX is the BEST!  Our formula’s natural ingredients create a thermogenic effect on the applied areas.  Thermogenic action is the process of generating energy in the area where the balm and lotion is applied. The formula improves the dilation of blood vessels, increasing circulation and efficiently carrying the essential oxygen and nutrients to the applied areas.

Happy Feet & Body Formula TX relaxes, soothes, and smells fantastic, too!  This formula’s unique blend of various natural ingredients used in our combination of balm & lotion treatment will help improve circulation, minimize scarring, and create irresistibly smooth skin! When combined, the formula reduces aches, pains, swelling, and breaks the dry skin cycle.

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